I am not a big fan of summer holidays. Sure, I like summer – long days and swims at the beach (I do live in an Australian beach town after all).

But I LOVE winter holidays. Blazing fires, hot chocolate, snuggling up….and snowboarding.

Living in Australia, there are limited choices in terms of snowboarding and people may be surprised to hear we can ski or board at all. In fact Australia has two excellent snow resorts in the Snowy Mountains (some in Vistoria but I haven’t boarded there). It really is quite good, although you will find excessive cost and limited powder riding avaliable.

Having said that, the size of the resorts and trail connections really are excellent (for amateurs anyway). I have some favourites and love the technical riding between trees etc. I also love powder so whenever we hear of a fresh dump we are loading up the car! I have also snowboarded in Austria (Lech and Innsbruck), Canada (Banff/Sunshine, Lake Louise), New Zealand (Coronet Peak, Cardrona) and, of course, Australia (Perisher and Thredbo). Yet to check out Japan or America but they are on my radar!

In fact, as part of our honeymoon (Dec 2012) we went to Lech for 8 days of snowboarding. In fact I would say it was both the best and the worst snowboarding we have ever done. Best powder with some big dumps during our stay but….if it hadn’t snowed in the last 24 hours the high altitude and wind swept all loose snow off the peaks, making for some icy riding.


The beautiful village of Lech. What’s not to love?

Like anything physically demanding, snowboarding took me a long time to pick up, but I was determined. I am at a comfortable level now where I can do intermediate trails at a good speed. Before I got into fitness/health I would struggle to board for any length of time and took multiple breaks. But now, I can go hard and intend to challenge myself this year with some harder trails and pushing my limits. If I’m not falling over, I am obviously not challenging myself! Be prepared for some pain lady….


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