My Resources

Resources are, I feel, essential in any weight loss, health and fitness journey.

Resources I use provide motivation, information, recipes, workout routines and more. They can help you get the best out of whatever you do and have a more positive and ‘can do’ approach. I also count the gym and its group fitness timetable as well as community run events as resources. So it’s a pretty wide-reaching net! It’s no use trying to do it by yourself (I think), so get into it and know you are by no means alone.


Women’s Health (Australian)


Hugely inspiring in terms of fitness and health and explores different research and trends. Always a new workout idea and a bastion of facts and figures – some of which stick with me (i.e. women should come 1000 mg a day of calcium) and others which slide through the net but which stay with me subconsciously I suspect (I blew up at my husband for buying juice with added sugar the other day, ‘have I taught you nothing!’). Women’s Health also emphasizes that people are different and doing things your way is the best way. Take what information you can use, and discard the rest.

On twitter I follow: @womenshealthaus, @felicityharley(editor) and @mishbridges (fitness guru) for ongoing motivation!

Australian Healthy Food Guide 

Similarly to Women’s Health, Healthy Food Guide gives a lot of facts and figures, all based on current academic research. The focus of HFG is nutrition and as well as sections summing up monthly research in weight loss, fitness, special diets and any fads and trends that are being talked about. They do a lot of myth dispelling which I like. Their focus is on long-term health and well-being rather than fad diets. I’ve had a few misses with their recipes but also some major wins. I usually use the mags when meal planning for the week and try to cook something new every month. The recipes are simple (a win for me) and normally quite inexpensive and there are a lot supplied on their website.


The Healthy Chef

An excellent online resource with some very different recipes on there! I like the quinoa power porridge and the cauliflower and white bean soup in particular. She also has some awesome smoothie recipes. Pros:  Teresa always gives options for different special diets and will generally reply if you post a comment or question. Cons: A little extreme sometimes I feel (spaghetti made from vegetables? Really?), and Teresa also endorses quite a few products (i.e. Vitamix and her own protein powder) as well as using a lot of almond meal which is quite expensive. It is a free website however so can’t complain too much!

The Conversation – Health Section

A round up of articles written by researchers at, predominantly Australian (it is an Australian incentive), Universities. Very up to date and thorough assessment of trends and health tid bits which are of great interest! The Conversation in general is my go-to website for online news as it is written by academics who report on science findings without journalistic spin often imposed on other news sites. Often political but always well reasoned with links to sceintific studies and reports. Me likey.

Fitness Motivation

The gym group fitness timetable

I really enjoy group fitness (fitness instructors are hilarious sometimes) and it helps to change my fitness routine and keep me coming back. My favourite class is ‘Body Pump’ and I think it’s the only way I can be interested in resistance training (it is a 55 minute weight class working every muscle group to music). I like to look through the timetable and plan my classes for the week. Once I get into a routine something normally disrupts it so I find I update/change my routine pretty regularly. For example, a routine I might plan is: MON – Spin class, WED – Individual workout (treadmill mainly), THURS – Body Pump, SUN – Body Pump. I don’t like to live in the gym so I also try to work out outdoors and with friends (including my dog).


An amazing community run (read: free) event which is run every Saturday morning at 8.00 am without fail. It is a timed 5 km run where you run with many other people in your local community. Results are emailed each week and you have your own webpage showing all past results and your placing in terms of gender, age group and overall. It is a world-wide thing and there are hundreds of parkrun locations. My home run is Newy and we get upwards of 300 people at every run. I can even take my dog! There are plenty of ability levels at my run including people who can do 5 km in under 15 minutes as well as those who walk the whole distance. No judgement, only support.


Coming soon…


Coming soon…


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