Melvin is my boy. He is a three year old cattle-dog cross something who is the Best Dog in the World. Possibly I am a little biased since he is my furbaby but as the Best Dog in the World he is obedient, well mannered and an absolute sweeheart. He was rescued along with his brothers and sisters from a box in the park and we adopted him. I personally think he is some sort of super hybrid of all my favourite dog breeds, kelpie, collie, lab and of course cattle and I feel a little sad he was desexed so there will never be another Melvin (but I support desexing your pets!). He has a lovely calm nature and has several modes of ears: ‘Doberman’, ‘Yoda’ and ‘Eeyore’.

The many ears of Melvin

The many ears of Melvin

Melvin loves to run and he gets a walk or bike ride each morning. When I take him running, he doesn’t pay any attention to other dogs or interesting things to sniff, he is on the job and just wants to run in a super straight line. I can even take him on parkrun (see my running section) and he doesn’t get distracted by the hundreds of people. I could go on an on about what an amazing dog he is but I will spare you the gushing and leave you with a pic of his heart melting eyes.

Melvin, mealting hearts since 2010

Melvin, melting hearts since 2010


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