Why Blog?

Control can be seized…but it’s not always possible to predict the result!


It’s a word that incites both excitement and dread in me. I love to write but I don’t consider myself to be particularly creative. I am an academic in science and engineering and academia does require sometimes excessive amounts of writing (I am well versed in writing abstracts, grants and reports) but writing to excite interest and as a creative outlet is foreign territory.

Nevertheless, I have started this blog. Mainly for myself as a diary of my thoughts and interests and to have all my wild ideas in one place. It feels like a method of controlling a portion of the chaos we call life into neat little tabs which can be opened and considered at will!

I do hope of course that there is interest in the blog and there might those able to benefit from my ramblings (it will motivate me to keep going)! Have a look around and be welcome. I don’t pretend to be an expert on anything, I am an amateur at best in my pursuits. In fact being the best or first at anything is not really of interest to me. I am mainly interested in personal betterment as well as enjoying life and the world around me.

People change. I believe that anyway, and will until the day I die – Phil Dunphy


3 thoughts on “Why Blog?

    • Thanks Kelly, that’s so nice! I’ve really enjoyed my blogging experience so far and getting connected with a whole like-minded community I didn’t know existed. I always look forward to your posts also, I’m even thinking of tackling a half marathon later this year – your race recaps are hugely motivating 🙂

      • I totally agree – it’s been fun connecting with people that all have the same interest! I think my mom is relieved I don’t have to talk so much running with her now 😉 You should DEFINITELY think about a half!! I love the distance – it’s hard, challenging, but amazingly rewarding. And the best part: it’s doable. I honestly believe anyone can train for and complete a half. I know you wouldn’t regret it! Plus then I could read your race recaps too!! 🙂

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