Ready to Rumble

Less than 24 hours to go! In fact this time tomorrow I will be in a world of pain, pushing my body and mind to its limits amongst 85,000 other runners, walkers and costumed bumblers. Am I ready? Hells yeah!!!!

Actually I’m getting really excited. I’ve had a good week of tapering including rest and moderate exercise. I wasn’t going to run yesterday but I decided to do an easy 30 minutes, taking my time and then do a yoga session. It was a good idea and reminded me why I like running. My favourite time of day to run (sunset) with my pal Melvin and a lovely stretch afterwards.

Today hubby is playing soccer (mad, since he is running City2Surf with me. Doesn’t he know he is meant to be resting? Answer: yes because I told him. *Shakes head disapprovingly*) and then we are heading to the big smoke for a relaxed night and dinner with fellow City2Surf runners. I’m all packed and ready to go.

Ready for some City2Surf action!

Ready for some City2Surf action!

The sweat bands are a new addition and salmon coloured so as not to match anything else. This is a little gross but when I run my nose runs with me and I’m sick of wiping it on my shirt (Hubby says we should call then snot bands. Yep. Classy.)

Check list includes:

  • Running pants (new Lorna Jane, my fav)
  • Racer back yellow shirt
  • Sports bra and Lorna Jane crop (for extra warmth and style more than anything…)
  • Garmin and heart rate monitor. I want this baby on the record
  • Race bib (bit pointless without this one)
  • Shoes (not Vibram Seeya, no way could I run the distance in them yet)
  • Headband to keep that pesky fringe off my face
  • A banana. Pre-race breakfast. I’m also going to get an iced coffee and neck them both 2 hours before race start.

I haven’t mentioned it but I’m running for a charity, the Black Dog Institute who raise money and awareness of mental health disorders including depression. If you would like to donate here is the link. Otherwise move on with your life.

I’ve already had two big glasses full of liquid and this trend will continue. I want to be SUPER hydrated. Thought about setting my alarm to drink through the night but that seems a little mad.

So. Nothing left to do but like…run it I guess. This time tomorrow it will be over.

Wish me, and the 85,000 other runners who probably are treating this way less seriously than me, luck!


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