Left to my own devices

This weekend I had zero plans. No brunches, dinners or social catch-ups of any kind and my husband was mainly on shift. So what did I do with such an open slate? Well, I read my book (luxury), caught up on Game of Thrones, and, you guessed it, worked out! I got a PB in parkrun on Saturday morning (5 km in 30 minutes and 25 seconds). Melvin even got paparazzied, such a poser and obviously interested in the photographer, lol.

parkrun (Newy)

parkrun (Newy)

I also did a weights session, bush walk and 9 km run on Sunday. So far I have ticked off all my City2Surf training runs except for a tempo run I missed on account of forgetting my socks when I turned up at the gym! Was really annoyed with myself, I had everything else, just no socks. I thought I might do a work out when I got home but hubby was determined to go to the pub for dinner. Sigh, the things I have to do…So I will squeeze in an extra session this week. My midweek runs need to get longer now in line with my training program so that will be interesting.

Since all that working out only took up a few hours I also had time to cook up a few storms including my favourite healthy pasta (it contains brussel sprouts! how can you go wrong with that awesomeness?) and a roast dinner. Melvin was pretty interested in that as well…

You realise we would all be better off if you gave that lab to me...

You realise we would all be better off if you gave that lamb to me…

Another market visit was also in order and while I tried to avoid the delicious treats they sell there, and focus on nutritious veggies, I did come home with a couple of fresh bagels and homemade strawberry jam. Holy cow, what is a bagel? How do they make them and what is the secret to their deliciousness??? And further, why are they not sold anywhere else? I may need to go to the markets every single weekend just to get bagels from the bagel lady and slather them with jam and cream cheese and – no no, be strong…

Goal Round-Up

Weekly goals

70 minutes of exercise a day

They say it takes a month to form a habit and this one is sticking around! I have made this goal in 5/6 weeks and it has definitely made me less likely to sleep though my morning walk, knowing that even that moderate exercise counts towards my total.

5 serves of vegetables

This one has been hard. Very hard. Although I now regularly include vegetables in my lunch and make sure a large serve is part of dinner I very much doubt I make the 5 serves a day every day. Weekends are especially hard as I am more likely to be out and about at lunch time and grab a sub or just have toast with peanut butter quickly at home. BAD! Need to brainstorm some ideas on how to sneak more veggies in on the weekend.

5-6 glass of liquid

Again this is harder on the weekend. I drink so much more when sitting at my desk and thinking about it rather than racing around. I also drink less tea/coffee on the weekends which is probably a good thing. I need to cut down on my caffeine! But it does reduce my overall liquid in take.

Monthly Goals

Last month I was looking to increase my cycling/riding fitness. I did spin once a week and went on far more rides than previously. But this month that has been eclipsed by my City2Surf training which is my current ‘monthly’ goal (even though it is still 2 months away, I guess I should say ‘short term’ rather than monthly), But that has been going very well and I have followed it almost exactly.

Yearly Goals

No hot chips. It has now been almost 6 months without hot chips! Yes! Too easy…they smell pretty amazing though and actually I have had a few weird dreams about eating hot chips. True story, I had a dream where the whole dream was me eating hot chips from a fish and chip shop. At the end I remembered I wasn’t supposed to be eating them and woke up with a jolt. I feel like that isn’t normal but not sure what to do about it….


I haven’t fit in any yoga this week and feel I would really benefit from it at the moment, my muscles feel very tight and I have done more reading about the relationship between core strength and running success lately. I don’t really like to do yoga in a group and the only yoga instruction I have is 90 minutes long which is just too darn long. So I am going to give Yoga podcasting a go. There is a podcast called ’20 minute Yoga’ which I am aiming to do one of EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. Yep, one a day starting after my gym session tomorrow. Should be yoga-riffic 🙂

But for now, I’m buggered after a weekend of me-time and am ready to curl up in front of the heater. Assuming Melvin will allow me some space…

Hot dog

Hot dog


4 thoughts on “Left to my own devices

  1. Speaking of hot chips, I’m pretty sure I’m going to give birth to one 😉 it’s all I feel like eating at the moment mmmmm salt and tomato sauce ohh my god my mouth is watering (literally) just writing about it. I tell myself it’s better because we make our own and have perfected the hot chip – still deep fried though …….

    • Stop it! I’m already dreaming about them…once the year is up maybe I will beg a dinner invitation to gorge on the goodness 😉 Probably defeats the purpose of the ban lol

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