22 km later – ‘Oh, hello blisters’

This week I have put my ‘City2Surf in sub 90 minutes’ plan into action and have managed to run 22 km over the course of the week. It’s been great and I have run in so many different places and circumstances I possibly would not have without my City2Surf goal motivating me. I TOTALLY love running (not ironic). On that note, I am developing killer blisters and calluses which I am strangely proud of.

Oh, hello blisters

Oh, hello blisters

My running week started with a tour of my neighbourhood, 9 km in 60 minutes. It was a blustery, cold day and the sun was just setting. I did several hills and ended up the top of a particularly nice view. I made the decision also not to listen to music but to just take everything in. It was a good decision, I enjoyed being alone with my thoughts for the time of the run. Plus it is also safer when running on roads. From now on I will only listen to music when not running on/around roads!

I did a couple short treadmill runs (hill and Fartlek – Fartlek, tehee) of 1.5 km each. The first was following a spin class which bloody hurt while the second was before a Body Pump class which ALSO bloody hurt. The squat track hit me particularly hard.

On Wednesday night I decided instead of hitting the tready I would go for a run in a lit, high traffic zone on the Newcastle foreshore. It was a really peaceful night and Melvin enjoyed the outing immensely. Again, I didn’t listen to music so I could enjoy the peace of the evening. I also got my second fastest 5 km run time of 30 minutes and 30 seconds. Oh so close to the 30 minutes mark!

Saturday morning dawned raining and very dark. But that was not going to stop me, Newy parkrun was celebrating its 1st birthday and I HAD to be there to support them.

Overlooking the Newy parkrun course. Looks pretty ominous...

Overlooking the Newy parkrun course. Looks pretty ominous…

It was a great decision, yes it rained (hard), we got soaked AND covered in mud (part of the track is trail, not concrete)… but Melvin and I had great fun meeting up with some friends and partaking in the festive feel of the day. Just under 800 people turned out which, for a completely voluntary event, is pretty amazing. My hat is off to them! I did not get anywhere near my PB, we started pretty far back and basically walked the first 2-3 minutes of the race because of the crowd, but never mind – so not the point! There was a great community atmosphere to the event, so many different ages and abilities but everyone with big grins on their faces.

That brings me to today! I did a 7.5 km run today but didn’t include it in my weeks running total as technically my week starts on Sunday.

I met my sister at the dog beach for our pups to have a run around before heading off on the run (Melvin is currently passed out beside me on the couch, spoilt boyo, he is exhausted after the beach AND a run!).

Horseshoe Beach with my boy (coal ship coming in)

Horseshoe Beach with my boy (coal ship coming in)


Can you spot Melvin??

It was such a lovely afternoon, very mild with hardly any wind. On my run the sunset was so incredibly beautiful I actually almost cried. I’m 100% serious. The light was so soft and the sky lit up with soft pink, purple and yellow pastels with shots of brilliant orange on a background of slowly evolving blue. I decided to include Newcastle beach in my run as well as Nobbys and Horseshoe (apologies to non-Novocastrians who have no idea where these places are. Yes, there is a beach called Nobbys) and enjoyed changing up my route on the fly. I listened to the Triple J Hottest 100 of the last 20 years softly while running (I like to be able to hear the crashing waves) and ‘The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony’ came on as I was running along Newcastle Beach.

Life is just so great sometimes.

I’m looking forward to another week of running. I may need to invest in some band-aids.


One thought on “22 km later – ‘Oh, hello blisters’

  1. Sounds magic Sista! I totally know what u mean & I’m fairly jealous of your run yesterday. Ill have to tell Jason bout your evening runs. He keeps whinging bout how it gets dark so early and exercise is hard.

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