There goes my hero, she’s ordinary

Runners high. No drugs, chocolate or alcohol required.

Ingredients: perfect cool conditions, brand new running shirt, breathtaking sunset, bustling city, waves crashing on both sides with soft sea spray falling gently on my face as I power (yes, I felt powerful) along the breakwall, Foo Fighters (My Hero) popping up on my ipod…

It. Was. Bliss.

I did 8km in 53 minutes this afternoon. I never felt out of breath, my body felt strong the whole way, people smiled at me and Melvin as we ran past – possibly because I was singing (yes, singing) under my breath. I don’t think I’ve ever felt better on a run, and I’ve been running for over a year now.

Now, lets not get carried away. Yesterday I ran 5 km in 31 minutes and had a terrible stitch by the end, also felt a little asthmatic because of the cold morning air, my right foot hurt (I landed funny at the start) and the last kilometer felt like I was dying.

But I want to remember this afternoon, and how great I felt to be in control of my body. The kicker is, I DIDN”T WANT TO GO FOR A RUN! I made myself because I hadn’t exercised yet. I thought I might force myself to do 5 km but ended up smashing out the 8 km. I even sprinted to my full capacity for the last 500 m! I swear I heard someone say as I went past: ‘wow, she’s in a hurry’…

Before last year, I would have looked at someone like me, running along with a smile on my face as a complete loony. I actually ran part of the original route I slogged it out on last year, trying to reach my original  ‘5km without stopping’ goal. I never thought it could feel so good! I know that the next run won’t feel like this and I will still have bad runs where I want to stop after 2 km, but right now I want to revel in this feeling and remember, when it does get tough, just how great it can be.

On a side note, my hero is my sister – and she ain’t ordinary. She has a 7 month old baby (my gorgeous niece) and has pretty much not slept in that time (yep, the whole 7 months) but STILL managed to get out and run over 7 km WITH her running pram over a very challenging course. She truly is an inspiration, for many, many reasons.


6 thoughts on “There goes my hero, she’s ordinary

    • Thanks! It is definitely hard to describe, especially to non-runners who have probably only experienced the negative sides of running (like me not that long ago!).

  1. From a little cute preschooler who used to get a “stitch” after walking one block to school you are really doing some great Ks now 🙂 Makes your old Dad feel very proud to see how much you appreciate health and living your life to the fullest. Bring on City to Surf …

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