THE PLAN: City2Surf in sub 90 minutes

Intervals, Fartlek and Tempo oh my!

The ultimate in amateur running in Australia, City2Surf (14 km run through Sydney) is coming up in August, and my 10 week training plan starts in June.

Posted this week by the City2Surf facebook page

Posted this week by the City2Surf facebook page

I’ve adapted a pre-existing training plan (originally suggested on the City2Surf website in 2012 by R4YL magazine, ‘Intermediate’ level), and squished and squeezed it into a schedule to fit my life. I went Excel mad to make up a ‘pretty’ and ‘easy to read’ timetable…but no matter how many colours I used it still looks complicated. In fact it looks like the concoction of a mad woman. You may need to click on the timetable if you would like to read it!

10 week training timetable

10 week training timetable

Session outlines. Equal time hard/easy where not specified

Session outlines. Equal time hard/easy where not specified

Speed chart

Speed chart

There are three parts, the 10 week time table, a description of different activities, and an outline of pace I want to run at for each activity. Yes, I probably could have spent my time on something more constructive. But to be fair it was during my evening TV time (multitasking like a boss).

Now, my normal approach to running is to, well, run. Just run and try to go faster than last time. Occasionally increase the distance and throw in a hill or two to keep things interesting. But last City2Surf I didn’t reach my goal of sub 90 minutes, actually it took me 95 minutes (I think I said 93 in another post, shaved 2 minutes off without even trying there…). So changes must be made.

However, I’m a little dubious of the plan. How am I meant to complete the full City2Surf at race pace when the longest run in the training schedule is meant to be run at ‘slow/mod’ pace? I think I will end up attempting race pace on the long run on Sundays. The 30 minute on Saturday is also supposed to be ‘slow/mod’ but I am going to use it to consolidate my 5 km pace.

I have also kept in other elements of my workout schedule I think are important including some weight training, MTB riding and yoga (I don’t think I’m ready for p90x, I will start using it in dribs and drabs and focus on it a bit more later in the year). The Fartlek and tempo/intervals runs are pretty short so I plan to throw them in along with another training session. I think its pretty balanced, but it’s definitely A LOT of running.

Looking at it now it looks somewhat impossible (I know, I know, nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.). At the peak, if I include my 45 minutes morning walks, I will be exercising an average of 100 minutes a day. Crazy.

Crazy like a fox?



3 thoughts on “THE PLAN: City2Surf in sub 90 minutes

  1. bwah ha ha ha …. You just gave me a flashback to your epic New York holiday timetable. PHD IN SPREADSHEET MASTERY!!! I gotta hand it to you, they definitely get the job done!

    I am very impressed by your commitment – I think it’s something we all look up to.

    Also: “Fartlek”. Tell me I’m not the only one giggling at that.

    • Lol!!! I know, Astrid is STILL laughing about that New York itinerary. What can I say, I heart excel 😉

      Yep, evertime I typed ‘Fartlek’ I was like…is that right? Surely that isn’t right? I googled it like 12 times to make sure I hadn’t been taken for a ride…

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