An unhealthy obsession with health?

Nah. Although I do find that I get sick of thinking about if I’ve met my health goals for the day (have I had enough of x and too much of y?), or mulling over if eating that chocolate will really have any negative impact on my overall health and well-being.

My aim is for healthy living to become second nature, and I am hoping that by gradually adding healthy habits to my life they will become a part of who I am without constant need for thinking about it.

Recently, my husband has started night shifts and is developing some unhealthy eating habits involving binge eating – which I totally understand because shift work is so, so hard on your body. He did the shopping and, along with our usual haul, bought WHITE BREAD, CHIPS (Salt and Vinegar god help me), CREAM BISCUITS, CHOCOLATE and SUGARY JUICE.

I was completely horrified and my reaction/resulting lecture to my poor, tired husband made me realise that, actually, I have developed some healthy habits which are now second nature and, when faced with alternatives, I can make the right decision (or use my super-hero power of ‘iron will’ to resist what I know to be poor choices).

Your sugary goodness doesn’t tempt ME

Healthy habits I have already established:


  • 2 pieces of fruit every day (too easy, I love fruit)
  • Eat wholemeal bread. White bread now seems like a junk food to me!
  • Drink low-fat milk and eat fat reduced version of other dairy (yoghurt, cheese etc) EXCEPT I indulge in a full fat slice of cheese sometimes at lunch (portion size controlled, more protein so keeps me full for longer. Plus its damn delicious) and think eating parmesan is pointless if its fat-reduced.
  • Don’t add sugar to tea
  • Only drink juice if it has no added sugar and dilute with water
  • 2 alcohol free nights a week. Actually I don’t drink much, most weeks I won’t have any alcohol although I will have a beer or glass of wine (sometimes a couple) maybe once or twice a month.
  • Check labels before buying a new product to determine overall impact on health
  • Exercise regularly and Include both weight training and cardio


  • Order salad or veggies and fish when eating out.
  • Avoid McDonalds, KFC or Hungry Jacks like the plague (1.5 years so far without)


  • Avoid hot chips (5 months in…)
  • Eat 5 serves of vegetables a day
  • Exercise 70 minutes a day


  • Stop eating chocolate


I have a whole list of planned weekly health goals for the coming months but I think I need a consolidation week! I don’t want to push ahead too far and slack off on previous goals.


I’m getting sick of eating carrots at lunch and need to spice things up a bit to keep some momentum forming my 5 serves a day habit. My plan of attack for this week is to make an eggplant sambal curry which gives 4 ½ serves of veggies in ONE GO for lunches this week (thank you Healthy Food Guide). I’m also going to work on some different veggie recipes. Having them steamed or raw will only keep me interested for so long! I visited the local farmers markets this morning and bought up a bunch of fresh, local, delicious looking veggies…I’ll figure out what to do with them later.

farmers market fun




Last week I set the target of 70 minutes a day of exercise. I probably should have made it ON AVERAGE because I needed a rest day! So in a way I didn’t reach my goals…but in another way, if I do a bit of sneaky math, I did 😉 I actually did almost 80 minutes on average every day. I did up a little spread sheet (I heart excel, lol) to show my exercise week. I’ve colour coded it to show moderate (yellow), medium (orange) and high (red) intensity workouts. Yeah, I went there.

workout calendar may

It’s good to know I can have a day off and still meet my exercise goals. Looking forward to a week of consolidation and figuring out what the hell I’m going to do with all those veggies…


3 thoughts on “An unhealthy obsession with health?

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  2. Ratatouille is a good veggie dish I reckon. Will use up those eggplants, zucchini and capsicum. Maybe think about some different dips to go with your veggies like baba ganoush (eggplant again) or hummus? I’ve got recipes for them if you want, easy if you have a food processor! Xxx

    • Yes please! My eggplant sambal was a slight (big) disaster. I need to hone my veggie cooking skills…good idea with the veggie dips, its like double dipping – eating veggies WITH veggies? Genius.

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