Running giveth…and running taketh away

Sometimes I think when I say I love running, I should use inverted commas. In bold. As in, I love running.

I love the feeling I get after a run, running faster than last time, setting goals, the smug feeling I get imagining how impressed other people are with my fortitude (didn’t she run past like 40 minutes ago? Do you think she’s been running the whole time? …say the voices in my head. They also say ‘run fat girl, run!’). I love that running is primal (humans are engineered to run), plus its free and environmentally friendly. I can listen to music, exercise my highly active dog, spend time with my sister/running partner, be outside and enjoy the amazing city I live in. I’ve seen the some of the most beautiful sunsets while running along Newcastle break wall, exacerbated by what can only be ‘runners high’. Running can be almost (ALMOST) meditative and is often a great stress relief.

Here are just a few of the photos I have taken while running (well I suppose I had stopped at the time…)

Pausing for breath at Newcastle beach

Pausing for breath at Newcastle beach

Shepards hill. It;s a climb to get there but totally worth it

Shepards hill. It;s a climb to get there but totally worth it. Yep, that’s a freaking rainbow. Beautiful.

Running along Newcastle Foreshore on a glorious day

Running along Newcastle Foreshore on a glorious day

But running itself? The feeling of running? Sometimes yes, it feels great but most times…it is a constant mental battle to keep moving.

The first km? Not loving that, no matter how much I tell myself ‘my body is just warming up, it won’t feel like this the whole run‘…that first km is horrible.

Why is it that one day I’ll sail through a run and feel like I’m the king of the world, while the next I can barely move my feet and ladies power walking with a small yappy cavalier overtake me (yeah Melvin didn’t love that either)? How is it so easy sometimes and other times, for no discernible reason, it is JUST TOO HARD?

Blisters, cramps, headaches after not drinking enough water….

Oh running, you are a cruel mistress.


4 thoughts on “Running giveth…and running taketh away

    • I just realised I didn’t reply to your comment! Thanks very much for the nomination, I’m glad you like the blog. Yes, I love running in Newcastle, it is my all time favourite place 🙂

  1. These are crazy awesome pics. Made me go ‘wish I lived there’ before realising, oh, I do.

    I laughed reading about how you imagine other people thinking impressed thoughts as you go past. I do that too. But my internal monologue says things like ‘I bet that person I just passed thinks I’ve run this whole way. I bet they don’t know I have had to stop and walk half the time. I’m happy to let them continue on being wrongly impressed.’ 🙂

    • Haha, sometimes thinking that other people are actually watching me and caring what I do sometimes keeps me going longer/harder! I have to remind myself that no one is thinking about me, they are thinking about themselves….just like me, lol!

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