One week down, (n-1) to go

n being the number of weeks left in my life. Meant to be motivational (i.e.making  life long changes) but now I think about it is kind of creepy and morbid…never mind. On with the show.

LAST WEEK: 5 serves of vegetables a day

My weekly goal last week (other than getting my blog up and running) was to eat 5 serves of vegetables a day. After doing a bit of googling I found this useful website which might be a 90’s throw back website but had some indication at least of what constitutes a serve.

What’s in a serve? A carrot by any other name would taste as sweet…

I think I managed it, although part way through the week I started to worry a little I was eating TOO MANY vegetables.

I don’t eat organic vegetables. As a chemical engineer I don’t think agriculture without fertilisers and pesticides is sustainable in our modern world of ever-increasing population. Eating organic (I believe, I could be wrong of course) is a selfish western pretension. Plus the name is stupid, everything we eat is organic since it’s made up of carbon, just like us.

So I started to feel a little ill after each big serve of veggies and I thought… maybe there is something to this organic caper? Surely my body isn’t rebelling against eating what I’ve been told is just the right amount of vegetable matter? It might just be the pesticides on the skin? Normally I would peel the carrots I eat but have read that the skin retains a lot of the nutrients. Catch 22.

I am going to keep up the veggie game but maybe start giving them a much better wash before eating. If that doesn’t help I will consider trying ‘organic’ (stupid).. but I’m hoping it’s just my body getting used to eating more vegetables.

PRO’s: They really fill me up and I feel so, so full and not able to eat too much more really after eating a few serves. I also feel pretty smug eating a plate of veggies in front of guys at my work stuffing their faces with hot pies, chips and burgers washed down with coke and iced coffees. Bahaha, I will live so much longer than them. Probably. Man I could go a burger.

CON’s: They make me feel a little sick (as discussed). Also, they take a long time to eat and prepare.

THIS WEEK: Excercise a minimum of 70 minutes a day (moderate intensity at least)

I’m kind of cheating here because I already mostly do this. I take my dog for a 40 minute walk or bike ride each morning and normally go to the gym in the evening for at least 30 minutes (although those are easy to fob off. Not so this week!). Weekends are harder as I sleep in and only do one workout for max 1 hour so that will be interesting. When I say moderate intensity I mean heart rate > 140 BPM and can only just hold a conversation. My morning walks are generally pretty cruisy so I need to step that up and make the most of the fact that I am already up at 6 bloody am.

Along with my ‘NO CHIPS’ and ‘INCREASE CYCLING FITNESS” long-term goals and continuing my 5 serves of veggies a day…I think I’m going to smash this week! That, or, keel over part way through and go troppo on a Big Mac.

I will never regret exercising, I will regret NOT exercising


5 thoughts on “One week down, (n-1) to go

  1. Hey Jess!
    This is great! I can hear your voice saying it all when I read it in my head. Am loving “(n-1)”-smart and funny per usual- and that you’re putting the search for happy and healthy out there too 🙂 Somehow I’ve managed to develop a ‘love’ of running and fitness over the last couple of years as well. I know I’ve not had to worry about weight loss (bless those genetics) but find just as much satisfaction and motivation knowing that the whole ‘healthy’ concept is challenging, achievable and good for me all in one!
    Keep it up Jess 😀
    Alicia x

    • Thanks mate! Lol, yes I would kill for your genes! But I think actually having a bit of excess weight is motivation for healthy eating, so well done on getting into it without that extra kick. Meeting fitness goals was something new I tried last year and I think it was an even better feeling sometimes than the actual weight loss! Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

  2. I’ve never gotten the whole ‘blog ‘ thing but I think I’ll enjoy this! Our goals even overlap a fair bit. My main goal is to improve my health to set a good example for Cate. Eating healthy and increasing my fitness are high on my agenda now! If only I could wipe out that KFC I had for dinner last night…..

    • Thanks, I hope you do! Sure you can wipe out that KFC, just don’t eat it again 😉 Actually I don’t think I’ve had KFC in over a year…You know no matter what you do you will set Cate a good example. You are an inspiration to me and my goal post for running, among other things.

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