Someone has to be first….

My first post! Apologies in advance, this will be entirely uninspiring…

I am currently working on my blog to get all the pages set up before I begin blogging in earnest. I mainly wanted to make it pretty first before trying my hand at some writing (Procrastination? Possibly. Not a good start I suppose…) but I am mostly happy with it now, although I expect it will change as I frequently change my mind.

Here are some goals and motivators I am currently working on:

THIS WEEK: Eat 5 serves of vegetables a day

Oh so much harder than it seems, plus I am still relatively clueless as to what constitutes a serve. I’ve been cutting up cucumber and carrot at lunch and having beetroot juice (on first sip I’m like ‘blerk’ but after that it really grows on me). We also go out to dinner more than is possibly wise (in terms of money and healthy eating) but I am aiming to order only salads or fish meals since I don’t eat enough of either and that also increases veggie uptake.

THIS MONTH (May): Increase bike fitness

I very recently took up trail riding and love it…but my fitness is nowhere near where it needs to be for what I would like to be doing. This month I will be focusing on riding as much as I can, on the road, in the gym, spin cycling, on bike paths as well as some trail riding. I don’t have a very good bike though at the moment and feel it is holding me back in terms of trail riding (it changes gears without warning right at the worse moments, i.e. struggling up an incline  or trying to pick up speed before a drop) and is possibly downright dangerous…so will save my trail riding goals for a time of better fitness. I did a spin class on Monday and almost died, burnt 590 calories in 50 minutes which is a record for me. So thats gotta be good right?

THIS YEAR: No hot chips

Last year I gave up McDonalds which was a lot easier than I thought considering we live very close to one and often used to use it as a last-minute meal choice. This year, I am upping the ante, I can have McDonalds now (but don’t want to) but I won’t have hot chips. Not fish and chips, not restaurant meals that come with chips, any sort of takeaway or deep fried chip is now literally off the table. 4 months in and I’m going strong, it makes it easier to choose salads when I can’t go for the chip option. It is a little demotivating that giving up hot chips hasn’t lead to sudden and dramatic weightloss (I guess I didn’t actually eat that much of it) but I think in the long term it will help me automatically choose healthier options when eating out. I intend to do what I did with the Maccas thing, i.e. give it up completely for the year and up the ante next year. One step at a time.


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